AARFID Credentials

We are a leading supplier of customizable RFID credentials with options for every industry.

AARFID Solutions

Our automatic identification solutions enhance the value of a credential while modernizing property experience.

Experts in Automatic Identification  

Flexible Credentials

Designed to work with most major access control platforms across all industries

Seamless Software Solutions

Customizable solutions designed to adapt and change with business styles and needs

Robust Partner Network

20+ years dedicated to meaningful partnerships and critical integrations

RFID Expertise

End to end development and deployment of HF and UHF solutions with a strict adherence to ISO & EPC standards

Credentials For
Every Application


  • Wristbands
  • Keycards
  • Fobs
  • UHF Parking Tags
  • Wood Key Cards
  • Disposable
  • Green Friendly & Biodegradable
  • Custom Molds and Design

OQMate™ Credential
Based Room and
Account Charges

Elevate Guest Experience

AARFID’s OQMate™ enables room key and account based charges resulting in more secure identification and a modernized guest experience

ViQ™ Long Range RFID Vehicle Access

Parking Automated

AARFID’s ViQ™ Seamlessly integrated RFID gate technology improves customer experience and security by connecting vehicle information to guests

SeQure™ RFID Enabled


AARFID’s SeQure™ RFID enabled locker
management system streamlines locker access with customizable settings and convenient locker access via guest credentials.

SeQure™ RFID Enabled Gates
and Turnstiles

Contactless Access

AARFID’s SeQure™ Access Control Solutions combine optimized property security with an enhanced guest experience

RFID Projects

AARFID’s Application Development Team has designed and built best-in-class custom solutions for a wide range of clients in many industries.  We’d love to hear about your project.  

Solutions in action

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