Secure guest credential-based Point of Sale charges. Customizable solution built for hotels and resorts utilizing unintegrated Property Management and Point of Sale Systems.


Improve Guest Experience

  • Fast, accurate room charges • No need for guest IDs
  • Allow charging property-wide
  • 1 or many keys may be issued per guest

Increase Spend Rates

  • Guests spend more when barriers to purchasing are removed
  • Payments may be made after checkout

Prevent Fraud

  • Immediate freeze of lost or stolen keys
  • Instant alert if stolen or lost key is used
  • Key white list ensures counterfeit keys are not introduced to the system

Advanced Reporting

  • Web-based system provides immediate access to all reports from any web-enabled device
  • Keys Issued Reports shows total keys issued per operator, workstation, room number, and folio number
  • Room Charge Attempt Reports shows the frequency of room charges per guest, workstation, and operator
  • White List Report lists batches of keys released for use per time frame, operator and workstation


  • Cloud based system reduces the impact on IT departments
  • Works with any property management, point of sale and door lock system combination
  • Works with any NXP Mifare enabled key
  • Compatible with Windows, Android & iOS Operating Systems
  • ​​RFID and barcode enabled
  • Scalable

Improve Security

  • Room keys are personal credentials for room charges
  • Wristband keys are used to separate paying from non-paying guests
  • Text and email alerts are sent to designated personnel when lost or stolen keys are used at POS stations
  • Complete Audit Trail-All transactions are stamped with Operator ID, Date, Time, Tag UID, and Workstation ID