AARFID’s SeQure™ RFID enabled locker management system streamlines locker access with customizable settings and convenient locker access via guest credentials.


Enhance Guest Experience

  • Fast and consistent locker access with single RFID Credential
  • Sleek look and feel with instant access
  • No need for lock memorization or additional bulky keys
  • Multiple users per lock when needed

Durable Locks

  • Custom designed plates available when retrofit to existing lockers
  • 3-4 year battery life allows up to 30,000 cycles & remains in energy save mode when not in use
  • Excellent in spa and pool areas with an IP 55 rating preventing damage from moisture and drastic temperature changes.
  • Bright LED indicator lights color-coded to display locker status

Increased Guest and Property Security

  • Pre-tested locks will only work with exact UID credential or property management override
  • IK7 external impact rating prevents theft and damage from impact
  • Enhanced security with encrypted data
  • Time tested high-quality components & batteries located inside to prevent sabotage

Fully Compatible

  • Easily incorporates with AARFID’s entire suite of RFID solutions and software
  • Integrates with multiple chips allowing a wide range of custom credential options
  • Software works seamlessly with all major operating systems

Property Customization

  • Assign specific lockers by defined time frames
  • Free-assign lockers for simplicity and guest convenience
  • Retrofit plates can include letters, numbers, or property logos
  • Custom reports and events log available as needed

Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate need for additional metal keys and combination locks
  • Reduce maintenance needs on jammed or damaged units
  • Touchless lock and unlock eliminates need for keypad replacement