Who We Are
AARFID  is a market driven company in the Automatic Identification (AID) industry.

AARFID  possesses a set of internal skills and capabilities uniquely suited to bridge the gap between the few large providers of standard AID components and the thousands of potential discrete applications of the technology.

AARFID ’s comprehensive understanding of the technology combined with its extensive software development experience, its unique manufacturing experience and its in-depth knowledge of complex business processes make it capable of providing the integrated solutions end users need.

Strategic Alliances

AARFID ’s strategic alliances with the major component producers assure continuous access to the cutting edge in the core component technology. At the same time, these alliances have and will continue to be major sources of end user requests for new integrated AID applications.

The market for AID devices and systems offers the potential for exponential growth in discrete applications.

By developing replicable, proprietarily protected, integrated, applications, AARFID  has established and maintains itself as the premier solution provider for advanced applied AID systems.

What We Think

AARFID delivers solutions that work.

Each member of our professional team has years of experience delivering AID solutions.

For each project, a project manager is assigned. Project managers have years of experience coordinating and delivering solutions in their areas of expertise, so you can be assured of working with a professional who understands your industry, your business, and your unique business needs.

Proven Technologies

We deliver proven, state of the art technology. "Proven" means the technology works. Period.

If by chance, your company has a "first of its kind" application, we will tell you that it is a first of its kind, and proceed accordingly.

Proven Solutions
We deliver proven, state of the art solutions. "Proven" means the solution works. Period. We stand by all delivered solutions, and, if by chance there's an error in the software program, we will fix it expeditiously and at no cost to you.

While it is possible that some custom development might be required to meet your specific integration requirements, you can rest assured that the core application already works "out of the box".