The AARFID Linen Management System provides instant, accurate information on all linens, including detailed history of each item.

Why AARFID Linen Management System?


Accurate, Durable, Suitable

  • Authentic Fujitsu laundry tags ensure 99.9% Read Rates
  • More than 6 foot reading distance
  • Exceptional durability for, washing, drying, dry cleaning and ironing
  • Suitable for high-pressure extractors up to 60 bar

AARFID Manufacturing

  • High quality linens
  • Tags are properly integrated during the manufacturing process
  • Lower cost of ownership - Because we manufacture linens, we can pass savings on to you

Labor Cost Reduction

  • With RFID driven automation, daily linen counting only takes minutes instead of hours.
  • As a cloud based application, information technology costs are minimal and data is easily accessed.

Laundry Accountability

  • 100% visibility of linens means accountability down to each specific piece. Hold laundry facilities accountable for returning all items yielding fair and accurate billing.
  • When items are lost , easily identify whether they were lost at laundry or on property.

Inventory & Purchasing Management

  • What -if analysis enables purchasing decisions based on useful life, lead time, minimum on hand requirements, economic order quantities, and more
  • Track lines by inventory location at your property.

Improved Guest Experience

  • Ensure that sufficient linens are on hand for peak occupancy
  • Warn when linens are approaching end of useful life
  • Pull worn out linens before they are sent to guest rooms